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Ed Talks

Jul 24, 2019

On this week’s Ed Talks Show, I interview Super Bowl Champion (and 6-Time Pro Bowl Player) Jahri Evans.

Jahri recently left the NFL and has launched several businesses.

So this week’s interview is part success, part story, and part business strategy.

Listen to it now.

If you’re in a hurry, here are some Time...

Jul 17, 2019

Remember the Great Presidential Battle of 1992?

Bush v. Clinton, right?

Nah - I remember the great Presidential Battle as the one between my Mom and “Aunt Georgie.” Mom was a big Bush supporter. Aunt Georgie loved Clinton. It was also the first time I witnessed political debate amongst family and friends....

Jul 10, 2019

ONE word.

ONE 6,000 year-old word. 

This ONE word has toppled kingdoms, started wars, and ended wars.

This ONE word can also get you anything you want.

This ONE Word is revealed in this podcast.

BTW - I am also going to show you how I used this ONE Word to instantly cure stage fright.

If you’re in a hurry, here are...

Jul 3, 2019

What do you do when you’re out of gas in an F-18…
...and you’re 1,000 miles from the nearest airport?

You do the IMPOSSIBLE or you die.

You can catch the whole story here.

This is the next Episode of Ed Talks in a series called “What’s Wrong with America and How to Fix It.” (Hint: the solution is not even...