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Ed Talks

Oct 28, 2020

2 Recommendations, 3 Predictions, and 2 Resources.

That's it.

So who wins? 

Listen in for my thoughts. 

Oct 22, 2020

Ok, fine. You talked me into it.

I am going to tip-toe into the political arena. I know that in today’s world that can be a ticking time bomb, but don’t worry...

I am both Positive and non-Partisan.

Oct 15, 2020

One of the biggest questions I get is what software resources I use to run my business. 

This week’s Flight Brief is the answer to that question. I listed everything here including my go-to resources for websites, live streaming, social media and more.

There is also on my Medium page,, which will...

Oct 7, 2020

I know people keep saying that 2020 is a drag. But I am actually having a blast and I hope you are too. It’s probably because I know your future is bright and so is mine. So, just like the song says, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

With that in mind, let me ask you a question: When would NOW be a great time for you to...