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Ed Talks

Jun 18, 2019

Let’s face it: America is in Trouble.

The good news is that together, we have a chance to fix this forever and for good.

This is the Inaugural Episode of my new show called “Ed Talks” - a show will cover leadership, business, productivity, and more.

On Episode #1, I’ll show you how we can solve the American Crisis with (new) great leadership.

Powerful Moments in Ed Talks Episode 1: Horse Manure Leadership (What's Wrong with America and How to Fix It)

0:45 – What Does Horse Manure Have to Do with Politics? 3:10 – There’s a Crisis of Leadership in the USA

4:30 – Problem #1: Prioritizing Issues Over Character 8:50 – Problem #2: Prioritizing Power Over People

9:40 – Four Promises of Our Movement

10:30 – Problem #3: Prioritizing The Next Election Over The Next Generation

13:20 – The Solutions: Here’s How We Fix Them

18:55 – Ed’s Final Thoughts

950 miles an hour. That’s fast. But it’s not nearly as fast as Ed Rush flew in his combat career as a decorated F-18 pilot which included over 50 combat missions and 2 tours to Iraq. While in the Marines, Ed served as the one of the country’s leading instructors on aerial dog fighting and recently worked as a key player in the development of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. After 2 combat tours to Iraq, Ed left full-time active duty to speak, write, and share a message that will change the world. He’s a 5-Time #1 Best Selling Author and Amazon’s #1 Business Author. Ed’s clients range from small startups to multi-million dollar – multi-national organizations and include CEOs, founders, political leaders, sports teams, national universities, and Hollywood stars.