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Ed Talks

Jul 3, 2019

What do you do when you’re out of gas in an F-18…
...and you’re 1,000 miles from the nearest airport?

You do the IMPOSSIBLE or you die.

You can catch the whole story here.

This is the next Episode of Ed Talks in a series called “What’s Wrong with America and How to Fix It.” (Hint: the solution is not even that hard.)

If you’re in a hurry, here are some Time Stamps to points in the video:

0:15 - Out of Gas and Out of Ideas Over a Sea of Sharks

5:50 - The Two-Party Tyranny (aka. Vulture’s Row) and How to Quickly un-Vulture-ize It (without Guillotines Even)

8:10 - Exposed: The Clever Little Political Guilt Trip That Robs You of Your Prosperity

13:00 - Crazy Sheep Dog Possible.(Hint: What You’ve Been Told You Can’t Do, You Can)

18:15 - Mission Possible...And Other Impossible Things Made Possible for Good Measure

20:50 - The 5 & 5 Challenge You’re going to love this and then you’re going to want to go and make a change. So go watch it now.


950 miles an hour. That’s fast. But it’s not nearly as fast as Ed Rush flew in his combat career as a decorated F-18 pilot which included over 50 combat missions and 2 tours to Iraq. While in the Marines, Ed served as one of the country’s leading instructors on aerial dog fighting and recently worked as a key player in the development of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

After 2 combat tours to Iraq, Ed left full-time active duty to speak, write, and share a message that will change the world. He’s a 5-Time #1 Best Selling Author and Amazon’s #1 Business Author. Ed’s clients range from small startups to multi-million dollar – multi-national organizations and include CEOs, founders, political leaders, sports teams, national universities, and Hollywood stars.